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In celebration of her brand’s 10th Anniversary, Victoria Beckham reflects on making the move into fashion, the inspiration behind the FW18 collection, and what the next 10 years has in store.

Victoria Beckham needs no introduction. Whether you first came to know her as Posh Spice, or as a designer of finely crafted, wearable womenswear, she’s long had an impact and relationship with women the world over. When it came to transitioning from pop star to fashion designer—a change that, it should be said, few have navigated successfully—Victoria made it look easy. Though, with her typical self-deprecating humour, she’s the first to admit that it was anything but. She made a clear and concerted effort to really understand cut, craftsmanship, and design—and all of that hard work and dedication has paid off.

Launching in 2008, Beckham’s eponymous brand started small, but smart, with a debut collection of 10 dresses that gained her respect from critics and which customers couldn’t get enough of. From those dresses, the business has grown to encompass ready-to-wear, the Victoria Victoria Beckham line, as well as accessories and eyewear handcrafted in Italy. Now a decade on, she and her team are celebrating their accomplishments, kicking off the brand’s 10th Anniversary with a FW18 collection that paid homage to the past while also looking ahead to the future.

Taking time out of her busy schedule and anniversary celebrations following her SS19 show, Victoria Beckham answers 10 questions about the past 10 years for Holts.

“I’m so lucky that I have had the
opportunity to have a second career that I
love, and that I am so passionate about.”

Looking back at the past 10 years, what’s been your biggest challenge and biggest success?

I think my biggest challenge came right at the start. It was a complete career change for me, and people definitely had some preconceptions—but the challenge brought excitement too. I was doing something I dreamt of for a long time, and was able to let the clothes speak for themselves. I was so excited to celebrate the 10th anniversary of my brand in London last month, a decade in the industry feels like a real success, and something I am very proud of.

Why was fashion design the next step in your career?

I’ve always loved fashion and knew it was something I wanted to go into one day, and that I had a point of view on. Even when I was in the Spice Girls, I was always the one interested in what we were wearing, and how we would be presenting ourselves. I’m so lucky I had the opportunity to have a second career I love, and that I am so passionate about.

“A decade in the industry feels like
a real success, and something I
am very proud of.”

How would you define your brand in 10 words?

Empowering, luxury, sophisticated, uncomplicated, feminine with masculine touches, clean, elegant, wardrobing, tailoring.

How have your designs evolved over the 10 years?

My first collection started out as a collection of 10 dresses, but I’ve come so far since then! Now my brand focusses on key wardrobing for every occasion; from classic tailoring to stand-out coats and everything in between—it’s all about making my customer feel like the best version of herself.

How did it feel to reach the milestone of opening your first flagship store?

That was a huge moment for me. The year prior we launched our e-com channel, which was the first place my customer could really see the brand through my eyes—and the store was an extension of that idea. It was about the clothes living in an environment that felt true to me and the brand I had been building. I was lucky enough to work with Farshid Moussavi on the store, who is such a brilliant architect, and it’s a space I still feel excited about 4 years on.

What keeps you motivated and passionate about your brand?

I’m doing what I really enjoy so I don’t find it hard to stay motivated. The team I have around me are so dedicated and that also means that I stay focussed. We’re passionate about what we’re creating, which makes coming into work every day really enjoyable.

Where did you draw inspiration from for FW18?

This season was the beginning of me celebrating the first decade of my brand, and so I wanted the pieces to embrace the female form, echoing the design aesthetic I originally started with 10 years ago. I also wanted to achieve a sense of three dimensionality with this collection, so it was important to me that fabrics were multi-layered and multitextured—individual pieces paired together to create looks that feel powerful.

What is your favourite piece from the collection?

It’s hard to pick a favourite piece because I’m quite obsessed with the whole collection! I’ve been wearing a lot of military green recently so the Belted Drape Shirt and co-ordinating High Waisted Pleat Front Trousers are firm favourites. But I’m so excited that winter is approaching so I can wrap up in a big coat and the Peplum Coat is something I can’t wait to wear—it just feels really autumnal.

As part of your 10th anniversary, you showed your SS19 collection in London. Why there?

It was important for me that, to celebrate a decade of the brand, we presented the season in my home town. I’m so proud to be British, and whilst I have loved showing in NY for the past 10 years, it felt like the right moment to be in London. It was such an emotional day, and my friends and family were able to be there to celebrate with me—so it was really special.

What are your hopes for the next 10 years?

It’s such an exciting time for my brand, I hope we will continue to grow and develop, and that I can continue to give my customer clothes she feels empowered in. I hope in 10 years’ time I am as happy as I am today—the past decade has brought me so much I can be proud of, and I hope the next decade does the same!

Victoria Beckham is available at Holt Renfrew Calgary, Edmonton, Bloor Street, Yorkdale, and Montreal.