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Transphuse Rapid Renewal Cell Protocol


Item No 614969289828

Erno Laszlo's Transphuse Rapid Renewal Cell Protocol is a revolutionary 28-day rejuvenation program that is engineered to work with the skin’s own renewal cycle to arrest the signs of aging. It immediately reduces the appearance and formation of expression lines and wrinkles, while repairing and preserving the skin’s natural vitality. By inhibiting the production of progerin, the age toxin that interferes with cellular rejuvenation, it fights the signs of senescence, or “biological aging.” The results are radical, with visible improvements in depth and number of lines and wrinkles, skin luster, tone, elasticity, strength and hydration for every skin type and ethnicity.
  • BioCell Essence inhibits the production of progerin, the age-inducing toxin that slows new skin cell production as we age. With this toxin suppressed, rapid skin cell turnover is restored.
  • RapidGen Brings the newest in stem cell technology to skin rejuvenation. Two blended, patented stem cell extracts coax tensile strength and integrity from the skin cells, improving elasticity and defenses against harmful free radicals.
  • Hydra-Skin Complex delivers the hallmarks of youthful skin— suppleness, bounce, elasticity and energized glow—by forming a powerful protective bio-mimetic barrier, to hold in moisture and block trans-epidermal water loss.
  • Apply morning and night for 28 days, using one 15 ml airless glass vial per week for best results. Smooth a small amount over face, neck and décolletage after cleansing and toning.
  • Four 15 ml/0.5 oz airless glass vials