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La Crème Douce


Item No 5000147269

Chanel's La Crème Douce is a cream for women who desire everyday comfort and softness and need a simple, well-rounded cream to actively enjoy their beauty, now and forever. In a unique and perfected response, La Crème Douce was especially created to respect delicate, mature skin types with a special ingredient: The natural extract of Ylang flower. Its luxuriously creamy texture offers ultimate comfort. La Crème Douce can be worn at any time of day, during any season.
  • How to Use: Use alone, after your toner, the cream should be applied with a quick and easy technique: A daily ritual that releases tension in the face and allows for a relaxing, soothing moment. Using the spatula, take a pearl-sized amount of cream. Dab onto your chin, cheeks and forehead, then smooth from the middle of the face, outward. Warm your hands then delicately set them onto your face, placing your fingers onto your forehead and your palms onto your cheeks. Press lightly for a few seconds. Finally, gently release and feel your skin regain its comfort. Repeat these steps, focusing on the following areas: the temples and the outer edge of the forehead, the chin and inner cheeks, and the lower part of the face.
  • 50 g