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Les Eaux De Chanel - Body Lotion


Item No 5000613581

Inspired by the landscapes along the Normandy coast, this lightweight body lotion envelops the skin with a fresh radiance, defined by a duo of Sicilian orange and basil. Another way to wear fragrance. The fresh signature of PARIS-DEAUVILLE in a body lotion. A sleek sleeve with the sensual feel of natural materials that evoke the waves lapping on the beach. A light bottle with a rounded silhouette that fits in the palm of the hand. A Twist & Slide cap that opens with a gentle twist of the base and closes with a simple flick of the finger.
  • How to Apply Lotion: Apply the lightweight body lotion alone, or combine with the PARIS-DEAUVILLE eau de toilette to intensify and prolong your trail of scent.
  • 200 ml