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Hair Perfume


Item No 5000837773

Coco Mademoiselle Hair Perfume scents hair with the airiest, freshest, and most delicate notes of the fragrance, revealing a subtle scent trail with your hair's every movement. A formula specifically designed for hair, enriched with an emollient that leaves it silky smooth without weighing it down or drying it out. Its travel-friendly frosted pink bottle fits easily into a handbag. An ideal way to revive the scent trail of the ambery-fresh fragrance throughout the day.
  • How to Use Perfume: Mist the hair perfume onto a brush or onto hair, forming an arch above your head.
  • Wear alone for a fresh and airy trail, pair with the Eau de Parfum for a more intense trail, or alternate between the two throughout the day to revive the notes of the ambery-fresh fragrance.
  • 35 ml