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Ultimate Cream - Texture Suprême


Item No 5000920715

SUBLIMAGE La Crème Texture Suprême is an exceptional complete skincare product enriched with Vanilla Planifolia. Polyfractioned Vanilla Planifolia is an exclusive CHANEL ingredient (Patented in Europe, Japan, and the United States) that has a 40 times higher amount of molecules than the raw plant material. SUBLIMAGE La Crème Texture Suprême targets the look of youth parameters, which have been identified by CHANEL Research. Designed for dry skin, this smooth, rich, and enveloping cream has benefits on hydration, comfort, the look of wrinkles and uniformity, strength, and radiance. For incomparably luminous skin that looks and feels transformed. SUBLIMAGE La Crème Texture Suprême comes in new packaging that houses a travel-friendly refill. Designed in collaboration with a major French glassmaker renowned for its expertise in the craft, its polished glass jar is refillable.
  • How to apply Creme: Apply SUBLIMAGE La Crème Texture Suprême every morning and evening and perform LE GESTE SUBLIME RADIANCE.
  • This technique was inspired by the professional expertise offered by CHANEL skincare experts at our beauty spaces.
  • Bend the fingers and massage from the center of the face outwards in a wide circular motion.
  • 1 - UNDER THE JAWLINE: Begin below the jawline (under the chin), massaging from the center outwards.
  • 2 - JAWLINE: Continue along the jawline, from the chin to the ears.
  • 3 - CHEEKS: Continue from the jawline to the cheeks, working up toward the temples.
  • 4 - FOREHEAD: End on the forehead, massaging from the center of the face out toward the temples.
  • Repeat these movements 3 times.
  • Skin's elasticity and tone appear improved. It looks smooth and radiant.
  • Personalized use: The SUBLIMAGE La Crème Texture Suprême refill can go anywhere with you. The cream is also available in Texture Fine and Texture Universelle. With every new refill, you can choose a different texture depending on the season and needs of your skin.
  • 50 g