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White Amber Eau de Parfum


Item No 871854075069

Creed’s White Amber Eau de Parfum is a fruity-floral scent featuring a bouquet of fruit, jasmine and benzoin combined with rich amber and Indian sandalwood. This fragrance pays homage to golden amber, a precious resinous ingredient long used in jewellery and perfumes. Amber has also been a historically prized element known for its beauty, metaphysical healing and life force properties. This parfum is the sixth fragrance in the French brand’s Les Royales Exclusives Collection. Designed, made and filtered by hand, it is housed in a hand-crafted glass bottle with luxe gold accents to match its charming and complex fragrance elements.
  • Style: Fruity, floral, fresh
  • Top notes: Amber, Vanilla, Blackcurrant, Green apple
  • Heart notes: Benzoin Italian and Moroccan Jasmine
  • Base notes: Indian Sandalwood, Jasmine, Benzoin
  • Made in France