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Antioxidant Complex For Eyes


Item No 614969239045

The Erno Laszlo Antioxidant Complex for Eyes is a brightening eye gel that detoxifies and brightens the skin around the eyes. This Antioxidant Complex for Eyes strengthens the delicate skin around the eyes, brightens dark circles, reduces puffiness and revives tired eyes. Retinyl Palmitate and Vitamin C strengthen the skin, increase elasticity and stimulate collagen. Grape, Mulberry, Saxifraga and Scutellaria arrest melanin production. Sodium Hyaluronate, Aloe Vera and Water boost hydration.
  • Fortifies: Vitamin A, C and E strengthen the skin, increase elasticity and stimulate collagen production
  • Brightens: Optical diffusers help reduce the appearance of dark circles
  • Tightens: Aloe Vera firms and reduces under eye puffiness
  • Use after toning. If multiple treatments are prescribed, apply lighter, thinner preparations over richer, thicker ones. Pat gently over the eye area, moving from the outer to inner corners, avoiding the lash lines. May be layered with other Erno Laszlo products.
  • 15 ml