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Brush Cleaning Pad

$77 $38.50

Item No 892794001796

The Artis Premier Brush Cleaning Pad’s special antimicrobial-treated Microfiber Cloth gently removes makeup from Artis brush fibres. The sanitizing cloths have over one million fibres a square inch, and can strip makeup from the brush without damaging the fibre. The cloth is housed in a chrome plated base, which holds the cloth in place while cleaning. When using powder products, the brush can easily be wiped on a dry cloth between application to prevent contaminating colour palettes. For a full clean, use the Cleansing Foam on the cloth and brushes will be left sanitized, fresh and ready for use.
  • How to Use: When using powder products, Artis brushes can be cleaned by simply wiping the brush tops across the dry microfiber cloth. For full cleaning, a small amount of Artis Brush Cleansing Foam is added to the cloth. Place the tips of the brushes into the foam and wipe the brush across the cloth until the brush is clean. Reshape brush and allow it to dry.
  • To Replace Cloths: Open the hinged lid to remove the cloth platform and to discard of the cloth. Place the new cloth over with the loop side up, and adjust the elastic so it fits snug. Replace the microfiber cloth back into the metal frame and close lid.