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L'Eau Spray


Item No 4307765125

N°5 L'Eau is the N°5 of today. A vibrant abstract floral under the banner of modernity, with freshness as its leitmotif. N°5 L'Eau, in praise of simplicity. N°5 L'Eau, the obvious choice, right down to its minimalist packaging. The iconic silhouette of the fragrance is embossed on the cardboard case. Inside, a second box protects the crystal-clear glass bottle. Never has N°5 been so natural. So fresh.
  • Less abstract than its forebears, the composition of N°5 L'Eau radiates citrus like sun-drenched honey. Top notes of lemon, mandarin and orange soar skyward with the aldehydes. Like a second wind, you can hear the rustle of flowers. Rose melds with airy jasmine and a new fraction of ylang-ylang, more modern than ever. Behind this floral whirlwind, vetiver and cedar impart a novel dynamism, softened by white musks notes.
  • N°5 L'Eau is worn freely. With no preconceived ideas. Instinctively. Simply. Lavishly. Day. Night. For you. For others. Ritual? There is no ritual. N°5 L'Eau is worn non-stop.
  • Apply on skin and clothing in a spontaneous, carefree and generous spray. Renew as often as desired.