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Luminous Silk Glow Blush


Item No 3614273735582

Silk-infused powder blush that softly drapes the skin with a luminous flush of colour so natural that it looks like it’s coming from within. Powered by Armani’s Luminous Silk filler technology, these blushes smooth the skin, whilst delivering a dose of colour and subtle glow finish.
  • How to apply blush: Using your favorite blush brush, gently swirl the brush into the pan coating the bristles. Lightly tap off the excess and apply to the cheeks in sweeping or circular motions.
  • Signature blushing looks from Armani artistry pros: Kissed By The Sun: Gently coat the tip of your blush brush with the powder and sweep across the cheeks starting at the outside of the face. Apply a light dusting on the high points of the face including the bridge of the nose, top of the forehead and chin for an all-over sun kissed complexion.
  • Naturally Flushed: Using the wider/flatter end of brush, lightly pat colour onto the center apples of cheeks using swift circular motions – for a more precise pop of colour, use a smaller brush for added control.
  • 3.6 g
  • Made in France