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The Mantle Skin Conditioning Wash


Item No 850022804366


An innovative oil-balm that emulsifies into a cleansing milk that restores the skin’s acid mantle, optimizes pH levels, and boosts natural microbiota. In one step, water- and oil-soluble debris, including waterproof makeup, SPF, and pollutants, are rinsed away. Advanced lipid emollients soften skin, while helping ensure FLORA-SIREN Capsules continue to activate where needed post-cleanse to help restore the skin’s acid mantle. The result is a deep clean without barrier impairment, for skin that is visibly conditioned, balanced, and radiant.

  • How to Use Wash: Massage well onto dry or damp skin in a circular motion for 30–60 seconds. Add a touch of water and massage again briefly, before rinsing with clean water. Use a cloth to gently exfoliate and easily lift away residual makeup.
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  • 150 ml