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Intense Revitalizing Mist


Item No 4309370445

CHANEL'S SUBLIME LA BRUME Intense Revitalizing Mist is a new skincare gesture, as simple as it is sublimely effective, to perform anywhere, anytime. During a beauty break, skin is revitalized and radiant once more, ready to face the intense rhythm of daily life. This beauty accessory comes in a refillable twist and spray format, ideal to slip into a handbag and use whenever needed.
  • Use SUBLIMAGE La Brume under or over makeup, in all circumstances: while traveling, on a plane, before a dinner party, between two meetings.
  • Spray on each side of the face and then on the forehead.
  • With hands closed apply light upward pressure with the knuckles on key areas of the face, from the center outwards.
  • 4 x 18 ml