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Marine Collagen Elixir - Coconut


Item No 180444000351

Designed for inside-out nourishment, AURA collagen contains marine collagen to provide the building blocks for healthy skin and joints. It’s formulated with high-potency antioxidant vitamin C, a required part of healthy collagen formation that can also help protect cells against free radical damage. The organic coconut flavour gives it a subtly sweet flavor that is easy to: stir into water, blend into smoothies or juices, or knock back as a shot. And it’s so beautifully bottled you could give it as a gift.
  • Coconut: organic coconut flavour.
  • Ingredients: Hydrolyzed marine collagen (wild-caught fish from Canada, (cod, haddock, pollack) 4500 mg, water/aqua, organic palm-free glycerin (from sesame, flax, castor and sunflower), potassium sorbate (from mountain ash berries), Vitamin C as absorbic acid.
  • 350 ml