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H Project brings the wrld's most extraordinary and socially responsible products to Holt Renfrew. Meet three new brands that are making the difference

Our H Project shop, curated by Alexandra Weston, is a collection of extraordinary products from around the world — each with a unique and inspiring story. This spring, the shop will feature three new socially responsible brands. From rubber boots to sunglasses, find out what sets these brands apart and how they’re making an outstanding difference.

Alice + Whittles

The Story: Nicholas Horekens and Sofi Khwaja met in Tunisia, not far from Libya, while working for the United Nations. The friends-turned-husband-and-wife-turned-business-partners left their rewarding relief roles at the UN in hopes of creating positive change as fashion entrepreneurs.

The Cause: The duo creates minimalist rubber boots and classic espadrilles for “global citizens.” Their rubber boots are crafted out of sustainable, environmentally responsible and socially-sourced rubber, and are handmade in Sri Lanka. The espadrilles are crafted by artisans in Southern France and Northern Spain out of cotton sourced from a handful of small-scale organic farms in Adesar, Kutch.

Westward Leaning

The Story: San Francisco-based sunglasses company, Westward Leaning launched in 2012 with a humble mission: to create beautiful products with a story. They approach social responsibility as a core business value rather than an afterthought. From product design to production to proceeds, every step in the process is considered through a socially-engaged lens.

The Cause: The unique materials used in each individual design are symbolically chosen to honour a human achievement. For example, the bronze in their Louisiana model denotes the jazz era. The $10 donation made for each pair sold goes back to a cause related to the specific achievement for which the sunglasses were designed.

The Brave Collection

The Story: After traveling to Cambodia while teaching English in South East Asia, Jessica Hendricks, a Brooklyn-based designer, was inspired to create Brave in celebration of courageous women. She’d been moved by the beautiful yet heart-wrenching stories of the country and the women who lived there.

The Cause: The handmade jewellery is created by local Cambodian artisans. With every sale 10% of profits are donated back to non-profit organizations that help fight against human trafficking and work to empower women through job training.