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Knot On My Planet. Fashion and philanthropy join forces to save elephants.

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Knot On My Planet. Fashion and philanthropy join forces to save elephants

How do you solve a global problem like the ivory trade with the extinction of the elephant at stake? If you’re Iain Douglas-Hamilton, Founder of Save the Elephants, you work with others to create a worldwide coalition to fight back and tackle the problem right at its source. “Thanks to the generosity of an alliance of organizations united to save elephants including Holt Renfrew, our partners #knotonmyplanet, and ambassadors like Doutzen Kroes, the Elephant Crisis Fund has been able to support 75 different organizations across 36 nations, with 100% of funds donated reaching the best frontline projects working to end poaching, trafficking, and demand for ivory," explains Douglas-Hamilton. And these projects, both big and small, are having an impact, with 2018 seeing China close its domestic ivory market, poaching being reduced in key elephant strongholds like Garamba, Zakouma, and North Luangwa national parks in the DRC, Chad, and Zambia, and much, much more.

Knot On My Planet. Doutzen Kroes.

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“I like to think that #knotonmyplanet and the Elephant Crisis Fund serve as a voice for the elephants. Not only are we raising funds to protect and care for them, we’re telling their stories and those of the men and women who are on the ground doing the hardest and most dangerous work.”

—Doutzen Kroes, Global Ambassador, #knotonmyplanet

Knot On My Planet. Fashion and philanthropy join forces to save elephants
Knot On My Planet. Doutzen Kroes.

Proud to have helped contribute to these successes by raising awareness and over a quarter of a million dollars to date, Holt Renfrew’s H Project is supporting #knotonmyplanet for a second year. “We hope to further amplify the incredibly important conversation around saving the elephants and wildlife conservation as a whole,” says Alexandra Weston, Divisional Vice President, Brand & Creative Strategy, Holt Renfrew. This includes a National Charity Shopping event, other fundraising activities, as well as a new collaboration with ethical Canadian brand Kotn to create a limited-edition collection where 100% of profits will be donated to the Elephant Crisis Fund. But this time around it’s more than just t-shirts—there’s joggers, hoodies, socks, and more, as well as a special sweatshirt with a hand-woven version of the elephant illustrated by Toronto-based artist Melody Hansen. “We wanted to incorporate some hand embroidery to celebrate handicraft from Africa,” shares Mackenzie Yeates, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Kotn. “We worked with a collective of women in Egypt, where all of our products are produced, to make these sweatshirts. Every piece requires hours of hand work and supports the women who carry on this dying tradition of craft.”

Even after all of this success, the work isn’t close to over, and it can’t happen without Holts customers like you. It was because of your support that Holt Renfrew’s H Project was able to contribute to #knotonmyplanet and the Elephant Crisis Fund. Together, we can do the same this year, and continue to bolster this amazing cause until elephants are well and truly saved.

To learn more and support #knotonmyplanet, visit

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